PostScript® Output

AH Formatter V6.6 can output PostScript®.

Customers must purchase “AH Formatter PostScript Output Option” to output PostScript. See also Antenna House website for more details.

The level of PostScript output is 3.

Font Output

The following fonts are available to output with PostScript output. See Fonts for the font.

However, there are the following restrictions with PostScript output.

Image Output

For more information about graphic images, see the “Graphics”. However, there are the following restrictions with PostScript output.

Vector Images

The following vector images are outputted to PostScript as vector. However, the raster image contained in the vector image will have the restrictions of the raster images mentioned after. If fonts are contained, fonts in the vector image will also have the restrictions of fonts.

All EPS is unprocessed and outputted to PostScript as is.

CAUTION: MathML can be used only with “AH Formatter MathML Option” with AH Formatter V6.6 Lite.
CAUTION: If AH Formatter AH Formatter CGM Option is not installed on your Formatter, see Graphics for more detail.

Raster Images

The following raster image can be outputted to PostScript. See also restrictions of each raster image respectively.

The image which cannot be embedded directly in PostScript will be transformed into the appropriate one and embedded.